• “...Aiming to be an Interactive Band of Brothers”
    - Forbes
  • “Burden of Command is a tactical RPG that aims to capture the personal experiences of war [...] there's a strong commitment to historical authenticity”
    - PC Gamer
  • “…designed to show players the complexity of leading people into battle […] it might offer a level of realism rarely seen in such games."
    - Stars and Stripes
  • “Burden of Command is in a class by itself. I know of no other game that brings history to life with more accuracy and immediacy. Highest recommendation!”
    - Dr. John C. McManus, Curator’s Distinguished Professor of US Military History
  • “The sweet spot for games with narrative is the place where writing meets design. Burden of Command plants its flag right at the heart of this sweet spot.”
    - Alexis Kennedy (Dragon Age, Stellaris, Fallen London, Sunless Sea, Cultist Simulator)
  • “It's like Band of Brothers and XCom had a baby.”
    - Task & Purpose
  • “But I’ve never come across a game that sounds quite like Burden of Command before.”
    - PC PowerPlay
  • “I am incredibly excited for games like Burden of Command. [...] This looks to be the
    type of game that focuses more on the feeling it leaves you with than anything else, and
    that has me excited…”
    - Destructoid
  • “I simply cannot wait for this. It’s going to be a masterpiece.”
    - Dark World Gaming
  • “Burden of Command says it all in the name – it’s the first World War 2 game I’ve ever experienced where the emotional struggle comes from the top and bleeds right down into the trenches.”
    - Chris Avellone (Torment, KOTOR 2, Fallout 2/New Vegas, Divinity)

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