What Platforms will Burden of Command be released on?
  • Initially PC via Steam. If sales are good, we will consider other platforms. Please tell us what you would like to see in that regard. (contact us)
Is Burden of Command a wargame?
  • It's a game about leadership, on and off the battlefield. But we do draw on wargame mechanics when on the battlefield.

When will Burden of Command be published?
  • When it’s done... right. If you want to track progress, subscribe to our newsletter!
What price will it be?
  • TBD. What do you think it should cost? Let me guess...“free”! 😉 Well, what should it cost for the rest of humanity? (contact us)

What are system requirements?
  • TBD. But they will be light.

Why isn’t it multiplayer?
  • Because we’re small. Version 2?

Why is it turn based? Real combat isn’t!
  • We want you to have time to think about leadership since you probably haven’t been through several months of Officer Training School. 😉 That being said we have contemplated time limited decisions, such as in Telltale games. Tell us your feeling about that (contact us)

Why isn’t my favorite feature in the game?
  • Because you haven’t told us about it yet! 😉 (contact us)

How many Campaigns are there?
  • One, the Cottonbalers which will be about 18 scenarios with their connected interactive fiction. We plan on further DLCs if things go well. Tell us what campaign you’d want next! (contact us)